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*Personal Information:

Name :

أ.د. راغب فؤاد عتمة

Degrees : Professor
Office : N4L0 ;Lab: N4L0
E-mail :

   Professor of Pathological Biochemistry. B.Sc., Special Chemistry (1968) and M.Sc., Chemistry (1971), University of Alexandria, Alexandria-Egypt; Ph.D., Pathological Biochemistry, University of Glasgow, Glasgow-UK (1983).



   Acting Chairman of Allied Health Sciences Department, Yarmouk University, JUST, Irbid-Jordan (1985-1989), Chairman of Applied Chemical Sciences Department (1994),



   Distinctionin Univ. Teaching Award, Yarmouk University, Irbid-Jordan (1985); British Heart Foundation Grant, UK (1981/82); Research Grant, DAAD, Germany (1992).


*Research Interests:

   My major research interests have been in five inter-related areas:

          • Structure and metabolism of the high density lipoproteins (HDL);
          • Developement of mathematical treatment for the analysis of the              decay curves of apolipoproteins on HDL subclasses and calculation              of their metabolic parameters;
          • Detection, quantitation, isolation, and characterization of discrete             small high density lipoproteins: SLpAI and SLp(AI+AII);
          • Improvement of biochemical techniques for the detection, isolation,             and quantitation of proteins and lipoproteins;
          • Study of albumin self-association and complex formation with other              macromolecules.


*Future Reseach:

   Investigation of the clinical relevance of the small high density lipoproteins (SHDL), and to improve relatively simple methods for their quantitation in human blood and other biological fluids.


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